Dressing Up For The Roy Rogers Circus

In my previous blog post I wrote about Roy Rogers’ performance at the CNE Grandstand Show in 1954. (Yes, the act really was called, The Roy Rogers Circus.)

I promised to locate the images of myself in the cowboy garb the orchestra and I were required to wear to match the theme of the show. Thankfully a few photos have surfaced. This first one shows my two daughters and I standing outside Trigger’s horse trailer.

cable daughters

With my daughters standing beside Trigger’s horse trailer at the CNE 1954

In this matching image of me with my two sons, I have put the cowboy hat on my head and you can now see the buckskin fringes. Thanks to the magic of Kodachrome, the colours are still vivid after all these years.

With my two sons beside Trigger's horse trailer at the CNE 1954.

With my two sons beside Trigger’s horse trailer at the CNE 1954.

I also wrote in that post about how Dale Evans signed all of her autographs with a reference to a bible verse.  My daughters were kind enough to share with me the 8×10 photo she signed for them. You can clearly see “Happy Trails, Dale Evans, John 3:16” at the top.

Dale Evans with Buttermilk - autographed photo 1954

Dale Evans with Buttermilk – autographed photo 1954

If you missed the original post, you can find it here.  If you are enjoying my blog posts and want more, please become a follower. The next post will talk about Gene Autry, the not-so-wholesome cowboy.



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10 responses to “Dressing Up For The Roy Rogers Circus

  1. John Yogis

    Fabulous photos, Howard. You missed another possible career opportunity as a movie cowboy. But, the moustache would have to go if you (in those days) wanted to be the “good guy.” LOL The photos are as crisp as if they were taken yesterday. Now, I have to look up John 3:16!

  2. Great photos. I had a collection of Roy and Dale’s 45s back in the 1950s. I reference a few lines of ‘Chuck Wagon Trail’ in my post ‘Squishy Foot and Monkeys’.

  3. Peggy Feltmate

    These photos are so great! And I do like Trigger’s trailer too. Star treatment.

  4. Thanks, John. I’m glad my family was able to come up with those photos. As for the moustache, I grew it when I was 18, and it has not come off since. So much for being a movie cowboy.

  5. Hi Mary: Nice to hear from you. That’s quite a blog you have. H

  6. Yes, Trigger was a star all the way. H

  7. R.Rogers family; Americana demonstrated beautifully; Christian virtues demonstrated proudly.

  8. Jennifer

    My Grandfather was the one who painted the horse on the trailer Horace Rich he also designed the Rose on the Rose Bowl anyone out there that can tell me where that trailer is now

  9. My Grandfather Horace Rich was the one who painted the picture on the trailer they are standing in from of, have a picture of him painting it, do you know where that trailer is now?

  10. Anne

    I was at that show at the ex in Toronto with my brother and parents. We faithfully watched Roy Rogers. Loved the show. I was 5 years old my brother 6.

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