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Sadly, on March 30, 2016 Howard Cable passed away peacefully at home.  He was 95.

The following events contain music written by Howard Cable (premiere performances of recent commissions, tribute concerts, etc):

HANFORD STREET SILVER BAND – (April 17, 2016 ) – “Entre Amis” concert dedicated to Howard. — St Lawrence Centre (Jane Mallett Theatre) at 3pm

TORONTO YOUTH WIND ORCHESTRA – (April 29, 2016) – 25th Anniversary Concert (featuring the premiere of the fanfare TYWO commissioned Howard to write for the occasion.)

WATERLOO CONCERT BAND– (May 1, 2016) – Premiere performance of Prof. Thiele  – Composition by Howard Cable (conductor: Trevor Wagler)

SYMPHONY NOVA  SCOTIA – (Nov 12 & 13, 2016) –  The music of Richard Rodgers (show created by Howard Cable, which he was scheduled to narrate)



7 responses to “Upcoming Shows

  1. Mr. Cable,
    I am delighted to see that you are again conducting the concert tour!
    The last time I saw you in person was at the Etobicoke School of the Arts when Barbara Young arranged an appearance with the ESA Orchestra. My daughter was one of the musicians, so that was a decade or so back.
    When I played percussion with the Cosmopolitan Band in Edmonton, your compositions were front and centre in the repertoire.
    Best of health and vigour to you as you continue a long and honourable career creating and promoting Canadian music.

    Hugh Baker
    Etobicoke, Ontario

  2. Hi Hugh:
    Pleased to hear from you. Thank you for the kind words.
    My connection with Barbara Young still continues, but now in Stratford. My connection with Edmonton continues with the Old Scona Academy. I recently wrote their school song.
    BTW, Did the Cosmopolitan Band become the Edmonton Wind Ensemble in later years?

  3. Raymond Baril

    Hello Howard,

    I have had the opportunity to work under your direction on a few occasions on various projects with Tommy Banks, Harry Pinchin and on a Citadel production. With regards to your question about the Edmonton Wind Ensemble; Harry Pinchin was the artistic director of Cosmo for over 40 years and he was also the musical director of the Edmonton Wind Ensemble but they were independent of each other. I both played and conducted for Cosmo for many years and I was also involved as player and contractor on the Edmonton Wind Ensemble cd’s that were released on the CBC SM5000 label. Harry is still active and writing music; a great mentor.

    As director of another Edmonton wind group, the New Edmonton Wind Sinfonia, I have programmed nearly every piece of yours and I always include one or two on every tour we do to Europe (6 tours to date). The quality of the works make them fun to play, and great to listen to. Many thanks on what you have consistently contributed to wind literature for so many years.


    Raymond Baril
    Director, New Edmonton Wind Sinfonia
    (… and a longtime Cable fan)

  4. Hi Raymond:

    Thank you for the clarification on the two organizations. I am honoured that you have played my music so consistently over the years. It is for people like you that I do what I do.

    I remember your father Armand. I worked with him at CBC TV when it first started in the 1950s. As well as being a producer, he was a musician as well, wasn’t he?

    Stay in touch, Howard

  5. Raymond Baril

    Great memory.

    My dad and mom (Lucie) moved to Toronto in the mid 50s, dad was transferred from CBC Edmonton to Toronto. He was then transferred back to Edmonton in 60 as a music producer. He still has pictures of shows that you did together. He continued with CBC, as program director, station manager and ultimately as regional music producer, until his retirement in 1991. He along with the Tommy Banks, Harry Pinchin, et al. helped create a music scene in Edmonton.

    He kept his musical activity going as a player with Cosmo and ultimately as the conductor of the adult choir. For the past 13 seasons he was conductor of the Edmonton School Boys Band, and he too has programmed many Cable works throughout his tenure. He recently retired from the helm and has gone back to playing bass clarinet with Cosmo band along with my mom who plays horn in the group. Now in their mid 80’s they are is still going strong. For them music is their life and band (and opera) is their love.

    I will stay in touch and best wishes.


  6. Bryan Baxter

    Hello again Howard.As a followup to John Arthur The year was 1966.John was taking flying lessons and now after all these years I am taking flying lessons@the Calgary Flying Club.Just a slight lag time of 48 years.My teacher in public school Was my favorite teacher of all time was Ross Caldwell of the Ross Caldwell singers.Cheers Bryan.

  7. Billie Bridgman

    Howard – there you are!

    I have been thinking of you lately – often – well more often that my lack of communication over the last few years would certainly indicate! How great to find this blog. And of course how wonderful that you are telling some of your many, many stories. I don ‘t see the one about the water pouring from the rice paddies into the pit so you have a few more to tell. And then there are the Banff years – the Cablettes. Where are we all now? I just finished working on a production of Brigadoon and what a lot of old memories came back with those tunes – as corny as they all are. We live in Owen Sound now and there is an amateur group here who do musicals from time to time. I helped a friend of mine with the vocal coaching part but didn’t get to dive in and shape the piece the way (you know!) I would have liked to. Maybe another show, another year. What a joy if you could conduct but alas not likely.

    I am so glad to see you are still conducting and touring. Harry (my husband) got out your Symphony Nova Scotia recording of some years back this afternoon and that was what pushed me to finally get on the computer and see if I could find you. What an incredible musician you are – wonderful arrangements.

    And here you are!

    Perhaps we could have lunch some time soon – like old times…..

    I do hope to hear from you Howard.

    Love Billie

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