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Howard Cable embraces social media !!

My music career began in 1939 and has continued uninterrupted to the present day. Over and over again I have had to adapt to the changing times to stay afloat. By all calculations I must be on my eleventh life by now. (I get 18 of them, by the way.)

My newest adaptation is not a musical one, but rather a decision to move into the computer age.   This is a big step for a man who has long considered himself a “techno-rebel”.  I refused to learn the Finale or Sibelius programs, because I prefer to write music with a felt pen and score paper.  I do not know how to work a VCR or DVD player. I do not know how to program that funny cable box to record TV shows when I’m not home.  But none of this worries me, because knowing  things like this are not all that important, really.  But I will tell you what IS important — MUSIC !

So I will do whatever I have to do to keep the great eras of music alive.  If it means learning how to blog at 92, then so be it.



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