Howard Cable was born in 1920 – an era when people still travelled in horse and buggy, refrigerators ran on blocks of ice, there was cream floating on top of milk, and the Great Depression had not yet happened.

He grew up in the time of the Great Gatsby – the wonderful jazz era! In those magnificent days of music, everything was live, and a young man could dream of being in a band — or in his case, leading one!

The career that followed saw Howard conduct everything from Big Band to Broadway orchestra; from radio to television, to outdoor extravaganza. He had the privilege of working with Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Stan Getz, Bob Hope, Danny Kay, Victor Borge, Peggy Lee, and many other celebrated artists.

With a career spanning over seven decades (one of the longest in entertainment history), Howard has witnessed some extraordinary events, and has seen performers at their best, their worst, and everything in between. With a razor sharp memory (and wit to match), he recalls these events in vivid detail.

When blog writer Lori Fox Rossi began hearing these behind-the-scenes accounts, she felt compelled to write them down so they would not be lost. She convinced Howard to join her in creating this blog, in order to reach a wider audience and satisfy increasing demand.

The blog will eventually cover a time period from 1937 to the present, with new stories uploaded regularly. Some entries will be fascinating; others, funny. Some will even be a little salacious. There is a book in the works as well.

The one thing YOU can do to help is — follow this blog and tell others about it. This will let the authors know you are enjoying their efforts. To follow, click the button in the left column and you will receive an email each time a new post is uploaded.

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34 responses to “About

  1. Harvey Kogen

    Blog away Mr. Howard!

  2. Jim Forde

    Excellent – this is what I;ve been waiting for – give us more….lots more!

  3. Chuck Skidmore

    This is wonderful! Thank you so much sir for deciding to take this great step into the ‘blogosphere’. May I please endorse the previous commentor, “give us more, lots (and lots) more!”

  4. Hi Chuck:
    We appreciate your enthusiasm. There are a lot more stories and photos on the way. Just trying to decide which ones to share first.

  5. David Lennick

    Fabulous stuff.

  6. Allison

    I am glad I was here on the day your blog began !

  7. Allison, I am glad too.

  8. Hi Howard – I’m Adelle Deacon’s daughter-in-law, Andie Duncan, and Andrew and I heard Tom Power on CBC’s “Shift” yesterday playing your music, which prompted us to look up your blog. Congratulations on starting to pen your stories! As a JUNO nominated artist myself, I’m fascinated by the musical history you’ve been such an influential part of. Please, keep it coming!

  9. Hi Andie: So nice to hear from you. I checked out your blog and it looks great! Congratulations on your blogger award. It’s always nice to know our family members are doing so well. Keep in touch.

  10. Margaret Champion

    How wonderful to discover this – thank you for sharing with us all! Many moons ago, while working at Dalhousie University, I met Gwyneth Jones who mentioned she was in town for a musical theatre workshop. All flustered, I exclaimed the only people I knew doing such a workshop were Howard Cable and Alan Lund. The next day you unexpectedly arrived with her to meet me at work, and ask why I had not signed up. I quit my job that day, and joined you in a great summer adventure. I see you are conducting in Halifax in January – I plan to come and experience your incredible music live again.

    Warmest regards,
    Margaret Champion

  11. Hi Margaret: So nice to hear from you. That workshop was run for 2 summers – 1989 and 1990. I enjoyed teaching it immensely.
    How are you doing? Did you continue on in theatre after that?
    Hope to see you in January.
    Fondly, Howard

  12. Margaret Champion

    I attended in ’89. I am a happy mom and director at a Children’s Hospital, who through the years has continued to tread the boards in local community theatres. I just finished playing Rona in the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Here’s to January – can’t wait!

  13. Pingback: MEDIA CALL: HOWARD CABLE & K-CUT TO APPEAR AT KOPS RECORDS | Skylar Entertainment PR

  14. Mr. Cable….I would love to have the opportunity to discuss Alan Lund and an authorized book commemorating The Charlottetown Festival and Confederation Centre of the Arts. Thanks!

  15. Hello Harvey: That sounds like a great idea! I’ll message you and we can discuss it.

  16. Hi Howard!!! So glad to see you online….been awhile, I see you’re coming to Halifax soon, love to catch up!

    Darlene MacNeil

  17. Glenn Mallory

    Hi Howard. I often think of the good times we had making music with the Kids in the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.Those concerts are among my happiest memories. Thanks! You’re the greatest!
    Glenn Mallory

  18. Erika Rybinski

    Hi Howard. Just wanted to thank you again for being so helpful with regards to sharing information on your piece Newfoundland Sketch. That made completing my program notes for my fourth year recital much easier! Take care and all the best to you!
    Perhaps you will return to Saskatchewan someday! ‘Til then – best wishes!
    Erika Rybinski

  19. Allan Kane

    Hi Howard,
    Your blog is really interesting.
    I was wondering if you could write an article about my father Jack Kane, from the time you first met him and hired him to become your assistant arranger-conductor in 1949. He was only 25 years old at the time so it must have been a major career move for him to work with you. I think this experience contributed greatly to Jack Kane’s career as he later became a Canadian legendary arranger and band leader until his death in 1961. It would be fascinating to hear about the role you played in Jack Kane’s career and all the wonderful memories you have of that important association.
    Allan Kane

  20. Hi Allan:
    It is good to hear from you. I remember your father very well. If time permits, it would be a good idea to write something about him.
    I have several items in the queue already (Mitch Leigh, Broadway, and Military music history) but after that I’ll do a few about local musicians.
    All the best, Howard

  21. John Gilmour

    I worked at the Canadian Exhibiyion, for the Heintzman Piano Company, and had experienced Mr. Cable and his orchestra, that played often , but the experience that had the most emotional impact for me, was the evening, I escorted my mother in law to maple leaf gardens to experience the opera “La Traviatta” as it began, the atmosphere was electric, and it was pitch black, and when I heard the strains of the violins playing the overture to La Traviatta, it was the most beautiful sound I had ever experienced, and will never forget!
    I was fortunat as a youngster to attens St. Paul’s School, on queen st. that had a choir master, brother Aelred, he taught us pantomime, with Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado, H.M.S. Pinafore. and Pirates of Penzance, but the most valuable teaching I received was Symphonic Muscal Instrument appreciation. where he would play the main Symphony Record, then play each instruments solo part of the music, and while playing the main full symphony, we would try to isolate each instrument in the orcgestra, and listen mainly to it through thr whole symphony orchestra, which as it turned out, I became able to listen to each instrument in any band that was playing, my favourite group was louis armstrong, and whenever one of his songs came on I could identify, which of his regular musicians was absent with someone sitting in.
    My hearing is pretty well gone, at 75 years, but I still carry my memories of wonderful music and performers of my past!
    Thank You! Mr. Cable!
    Respectfully Yours,
    John Gilmour!

  22. Dear Howard,

    I came across your interesting and enjoyable blog when I was researching theme songs for Hockey Night in Canada. I discovered that you wrote the first theme song which was called “Saturday’s Game.”

    I am the archivist for the Imperial Oil archival collection which was donated to the Glenbow Museum several years ago. I have some musical pieces in the collection – one of which is titled Esso “march” theme. I wonder if this is in fact “Saturday’s Game.”

    I have a number of other questions which I am hoping you can help me with and would be most appreciative if we could have a conversation by email.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Lynette Walton
    Archivist, Imperial Oil Collection
    Glenbow Archives
    Calgary, Alberta

  23. Stockholm, Sweden

    Dear mr Cable,

    trying to find sheet music of your arrangement of “12 days of Christmas” which you wrote for Canadian Brass. Hasn’t it been printed and out on the market yet? What a shame!

    regards from Stockholm, Sweden

  24. Michael Gilliatt

    Sounds great Howard. Will look Fwded to the book. Mom(Joan Gilliatt nee Taylor) and I and my wife Teresa
    are hoping to catch your concert with the NS Symphony the end of Nov.

  25. Mr. Cable, how may I reach you regarding Denny Vaughan? Thank you.

  26. Dale Brannon

    Maestro Cable, I would like to discuss inclusion of an arrangement of yours in a Ballet. Can you email me? – Dale Brannon

  27. Goldie Ugar

    My partner played with the Howard Cable orchestra at the Imperial Room at the Royal York Hotel,in the 1970’s.

  28. Ken Rogers

    Dear Howard,

    I hope you have a fantastic bash for your 95th birthday this weekend and a wonderful day on the 15th. Congratulations on so many incredible music-filled years and thanks for all you have done for and given to the music scene in Canada. Looking forward to more!

    Best wishes from Lethbridge,
    Ken Rogers

  29. Thank you so much, Ken.

  30. Mr. Cable,
    I’m looking for accessible, Canadian, orchestral music for the Sesquicentennial next year. Have you transcribed any of your fabulous band medleys for orchestra [*3222-4331-tmp+3-str or thereabouts]? Thank you in advance. PS- I used to love the CNE Grandstand music.
    –Gordon Slater, Music Director,
    Divertimento Orchestra.

  31. Doug Gayton

    Howard – Bill Hopson is seeking your email to send a raft of Miss Boat photos. Through me please. I have also asked Peggy!!
    Doug Gayton in Vancouver

  32. Dear Howard, Thanks for arranging my “Around the World ” show for Symphony Orchestra you were a genius
    Brian Crabb

  33. Keith Charles Edwards

    Tonight is the 46th anniversary of my HS graduation. We played Mr. Cable’s arrangement of OVERTURE FROM “PROMISES, PROMISES.” It was great and I felt rich. Tonight, I am impoverished for being a regular in Toronto, not knowing that I was literally next door to him. If he were alive, I’d genuflect to him. Grant Howard eternal rest, O Lord…. May he rest in peace. AMEN.

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