Band Photo From 1938

In a previous post, I spoke about my first band, “Howard Cable and His Cavaliers” and the fact that I  have only one photo of all the members of the band together. This weekend, while searching through the archive, I found a second photograph from this time period.  In it are Frank Wiertz (note his initials on his drum) and I with our female vocalist, Audrey Moody.  She occasionally joined us to sing the ballads.  We had a second vocalist, Fred Wilmot, who did the scat singing.

Audrey Moody, Frank Wiertz and Howard Cable 1938

Audrey Moody, Frank Wiertz and Howard Cable 1938


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6 responses to “Band Photo From 1938

  1. Peggy Feltmate

    Are you wearing tails?

  2. Yes, Peggy I am. That was the thing in those days . . . band leaders wore tails.

  3. Howard, it is great to read these stories and see the photographs. I wish I had photos from my earlier days in music. I can’t wait to read the next blog including stories about the Band Shell at the CNE.

  4. Hi Chris: Good to see you here on the blog. There is a lot to write about the CNE Grandstand Show. Not sure where to start. Bob Hope? Roy Rogers? Ed Sullivan?
    I’ll try to get them all in somehow.

  5. Harold Floysvik

    Hi Howard,

    thank you for providing these vignettes of your past.

    I still have a recording by the Howard Cable Concert Band and, having dug it and some other recordings out of the cellar, will get to listen to it again. Do you have any interesting vignettes about the recording session? I think one of my music teachers at Central Tech was on it, either Ted Robbins or Jan Oosterbroek. They said something about Teddy Rodermann wanting to redo the trombone solo from Newfoundland Rhapsody until the session went into overtime but was stopped. True/not true? He certainly set the bar high on that solo; many a ‘bonist has crumpled while trying to play it. I think they try too hard to match the recording instead of just making it their own.

    Send more. Love this.

    Hal (tuba, Maple Leaf Brass Band)

  6. Hello Harold:
    It is great that you still have a Concert Band recording — they are a rare find these days. Your music teachers, Ted Robbins and Jan Oosterbroek, BOTH played on that recording.
    I cannot say for sure if the story about Teddy is true. I spent much of the time in the recording booth with Lou Applebaum and Phil Ramone, so I may not have heard some of the musicians’ comments. But in my opinion Teddy played so beautifully, how could he improve on perfection?

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