Imperial Room Performers of 1976

To give you some idea of how varied the headliners in the Imperial Room could be, here is the full list (in order) from January to December of 1976:

 Ginger Rogers

The Fifth Dimension

Nancy Wilson

Raquel Welsh

Phyllis Diller

Joel Gray

Catherine McKinnon

Trini Lopez

Jack Jones

The Mills Brothers

Julie Budd

The Smothers Brothers

Vic Franklyn

Guy Lombardo

Tony Bennett

Marilyn Michaels

Frankie Laine

Tessie O’Shea

Chita Rivera

Buddy Greco

The Righteous Brothers

Ray Charles

Pat Boone

 This list covers 9 months of actual shows. We had summers off, so there were no performances from mid-June to mid-September.  Some acts performed for one week, others for two weeks.  Keep in mind that there are 12 more years worth of performers in addition to this one.  I have a lot of writing ahead of me.

 In next week’s post, I’ve got a touching story about Ginger Rogers that I’d like to share. (find the Ginger story here)


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11 responses to “Imperial Room Performers of 1976

  1. Peggy Feltmate

    It’s SO amazing when you look at it listed like that! Wow!

  2. barbequemc

    Can’t wait!

  3. WOW!!! Wish I had moved back sooner.All terrific performer’s!!! Must have been a fantastic time for all involved!!!

  4. Ken MacKay

    Ah…those were the days!

  5. Bobby Herriot

    Fortunately I lived through that. Thank you Howard

  6. Yes, Ken, they certainly were.

  7. Bobby, a Leopold can live through almost anything and come up smiling. H.

  8. Michael

    I had the privilege of being the (quite young) electrician and lighting board operator in the Imperial Room for much of that ’76 season. I well remember the Ginger Rogers show and also Marlene Deitrich one memorable week.
    Ver Capper played vibes in Howard’s orchestra, always a gentleman and appreciative when I found a place to plug in his instrument before he asked. Ed Bickert was often on guitar at that time. Good times. Great music. Thanks Howard.

  9. It was a privilege to work with such a great Canadian Musician. I enjoyed so much singing with his orchestra’s on many occasions. I remember when Catherine McKinnon came and we could reminise our school days in Halifax. And when Trini Lopez invited me to come to LA with him 🙂 I was so fortunate to have known Howard and to have sung a few New Years Eve’s with him on the radio show. Thanks Howard.

  10. Hi Barb: Thank you for the kind words about Howard. Glad you had the opportunity to work with him. Lori

  11. Those were wonderful days! Thanks, Lori. Oops I put an “‘s” on orchestra 🙂

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